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Kirsten Buddeberg

Mijn atelier

is een eiland waar het een en de Ander aanspoelt. Omgeven van duinen en golven kijk ik de kunst recht in de ogen. 


Kirsten Buddeberg

1960 born in Lippstadt,Germany
1980 study of the Arts, WWU Münster.
1990 study of Art Therapy, Dortmund
since 2006 Teacher of Arts
since 1989 studio in Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands
solo exhibitions in D-Minden, Dortmund, Hamburg;
NL- Schiermonnikoog, Moi Taki, Surinam

Joseph Beuys
Inspired by the “social sculpture” of Joseph Beuys her projects are predicated on an impressive effort to communicate, which leaves traditional definitions of object and practice behind.

Exhibitions since 2015
2015 Europa – ich bin im Bilde Rathaus, Lippstadt.
2015 Friedensaktion, Haus Schütthoff, Hamburg
2015-2016 Mini Print, Sofia, Bulgarien.
2016 Installation Flüchtlingsheim Lippstadt, Deutschland.
2017 van Onder Onsje naar Onder Toezicht ,Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo, Suriname.
2017 Communicatiemiddelen sinds 1981 Militair Museum, Paramaribo, Suriname.
2018 How to LEarn Peace, Militair Museum, Paramaribo, Surinam.
2018 mien skip, Leeuwarden Culturele Hoofdstad.
2018 Three expositions in Art Blok, Paramaribo, Surinam.
2019 Action & Decorations on stage, together with young refugees, Deutschsommer, Münster.
2020 Urlaubswellen, Schiermonnikoog.
2020 Het losse land, Schiermonnikoog.

In the beginning
1982 Arbeit los-obdach kos, Leute ohne Lobby (reizende tentoonstelling)
1982 Mail art: nie wieder krieg (boekpublicatie)
1984 Kunst im Konzentrationslager ( reizende tentoenstelling) reprofotografische Dokumentation.
1991 Gedichten illustratie der 'europese poëzie dagen' (reizende tentoonstelling)
1994 Prints, Galerie Artemis Schiermonnikoog.

Art in progress
2017 Clean surrounding, plastic pilot projects on the beaches.
2018 Local Dutch artists honoring The Sea.
2018 Impulse, das Seewerk, Skulpturenpark.
2019 illustrations for children‘s boeks & decorations on stage.
2020 Corona ist überall, z.B. Plakat Corona Pappaz Museum, Basel.
2020 installations & Images. Imagine a Virus.

2019 Collega's in Suriname

Public relations

Surrounding Surinam 2018

Kirsten Buddeberg @ "in the Spotlight" Suriname 03-02-2018

Expositie over communicatiemiddelen
in Fort Zeelandia Suriname

Suriname Phone by Kirsten Buddeberg

Feder ( Veer) by Kirsten Buddeberg

Zebra-kunst-project, Verlengde Keizerstraat, Paramaribo

Art as Relief

My Art is reflecting on individual experiences concerning everyone worldwide. Searching for peaceful parallel worlds- such as Dutch sandbanks or the untouched nature of the Amazon, I discovered both: my very own originality and those of other nationalities&religions; their respect of nature&each other. However, even here the surrounding isn't clean anymore. I am using a great variety of natural material, such as wood, sand, amber, mainly material which has been washed ashore-something which has been pushed away or lost. The creative quality is not only evident in paintings or graphics, also in sculptures&the installations concerning the refugees seeking Europe seawise or the social sculptures referring to communication in progress. Some works of art result of carefully looking at even apparently insignificant things like telephone cells or styrofoam BigMac boxes. Those have quite a story to tell not only about the material of Styrofoam. You need to see the connections between objects and their broader context within the lives of people who make and use them. Why do we find BigMac boxes on sidewalks and lawns and beaches?


Photo Art

Photo Art




Photo Art


Homage Suriname


Imagine a virus

Social distance


schelp van boormossel


Self portrait

more in my gallery

Sculpture and Installations

a sodiers Trauma

die Schopfung seufzt

How to Learn Peace


Photo Art



Houten beeld